Elastomeric infusion pumps | Single-use infusion pumps

Elastomeric infusion pumps for single-use, work independently from external energy sources, and allow for safe and continuous application of medication in clinics and at home. The pumping effect is achieved by the positive pressure of the filled elastomeric balloon. The flow rate is regulated by a flow restrictor, integrated into the infusion line, so that programming by doctors or nursing staff is unnecessary.

Detailed information on the operating principle of elastomeric pumps


CareVis Single-Use Infusion Pump | Sovereign safety

CareVis elastomeric infusion pumps are characterised by a central, elastomeric balloon, protected by a hard and transparent case, with an easy to read flow indicator. No matter if outpatient or in-patient, in a hospital or other care facility, CareVis provides the benefit of unrestricted mobility, allowing patients to faster regain the moveability required in daily life.

Features and advantages of CareVis single-use infusion pumps at a glance:

  • closed system for single-use for safe and easy handling 
  • high flow rate accuracy
  • drop resistant case to protect the balloon reservoir from external influences
  • axial guided balloon expansion for consistent basal flow
  • non-kinking infusion line preventing a block of the drug administration
  • easy to read indicator to monitor infusion progress
  • minimal residual volume, for complete drug administration
  • bacteria-proof air venting cap - priming with installed cap preventing drippage
  • inline filter (1.2 µm particular filter, and 0.2 µm air filter, to reduce the risk of air embolism and particle contamination
  • alarm, battery, and maintenance free
  • small, easy and discreet for the patient
  • free from latex and phthalate

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Financial advantages of elastomeric pumps

CareVis' high-quality but cost-effective elastomeric pumps can significantly reduce the cost per patient compared to mobile electric PCA pumps. Our analysis shows a clear cost advantage of elastomeric pumps over electric PCA pumps.

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CareVis Nax - Neuraxial connections according to ISO 80369-6

All CareVis models for continuous neuraxial, plexus and wound infiltration anesthesia are available under the name CareVis Nax with connections according to ISO 80369-6.


Product portfolio

With our large range of CareVis elastomeric infusion pumps, we offer a safe alternative to electronic pump systems for use in diverse therapeutic fields and applications.

CareVis | CareVis NaX

Single-use infusion pumps with continuous flowrate

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CareVis PCA / CareVis PCA NaX

Single-use PCA pump with continuous basal flow and bolus function

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CareVis BoluS

Single-use infusion pump with bolus function

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CareVis VariO | CareVis VariO NaX

Single-use infusion pumps with selectable rate of basal flows

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CareVis VariO Plus

Single-use infusion pump with selectable basal rate supplemented by bolus function

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CareVis DuO | CareVis DuO NaX

Single-use infusion pump applicable with two catheters

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CareVis TwiN | CareVis TwiN NaX

Single-use infusion pump applicable with two catheters

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CareVis OncO

Single-use infusion pump optimised for oncology

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CareVis RuN

Single-use infusion pump for short-term application in antibiotic therapy.

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