Based in Hamburg the family-owned company manufactures, and distributes internationally, single use medical devices for over 20 years. The main focus of Promecon‘s product range are metal and HF-instruments for surgery, application technology with an emphasis on Elastomeric pumps and sets for regional anaesthesia, pain therapy and oncology. Additionally, another focus is innovative device covers for ultrasound and endoscopy. 

Promecon’s portfolio consists of exclusively high quality, but simultaneously economical single-use products, complemented by excellent customer service. As a modern service provider in the health care sector, Promecon offers its customers comprehensive and service-oriented quality management and certification according to DIN EN ISO 13458:2016.



Promecon's contribution to the healing process and to improving people's quality of life is the development, production and marketing of valuable and ethical medical products as well as the transfer of knowledge on how such products can be used to improve health. Although our products are only a small part of what patients need, they are a valuable contribution to the solution.

Promecon develops, manufactures, and sells high quality medical devices for the people who rely on them. We are committed to these people and to the improvement of their health.


Promecon is active in various therapeutic areas, such as:

  • Surgery
  • Pain Therapy
  • Regional Anaesthesia
  • Oncology

Our medical devices are developed with great know-how and manufactured with high quality and safety requirements. Promecon is commited to ensuring that these products are available to doctors for medical therapy and so patients can benefit from them - Advancing Health



The contribution of medical products to the healing process, depends on targeted usage and correct application of medical products by medical staff and patients. Therefore, Promecon values professional dialogue with doctors, nurses, patients and their relatives, as well as pharmacies, benefactors, and stakeholders, so all can benefit from the use of valuable medical products. We create innovations by exchanging knowledge through professional dialogue with users. We are also looking forward to your suggestions and wishes. For this dialogue, Promecon has adopted a code of conduct, which is binding for all employees and also respects the diversity of commonly accepted guidelines. 



Promecon pursues and supports sustainability as a long-term approach to the social, economic, and environmental areas of our business activities. Through our products, services and actions, we strive to engage in many areas of sustainability with the following priorities:

  • Improvement of product responsibility
  • Reduction in the use of natural resources
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions in production and delivery
  • An integration of these activities into all operational processes
  • A safe, healthy, and integrative working environment for our employees
  • Promoting awareness of environment, health, and safety
  • Commitment to ethical behavior in compliance with standards and laws.

We work with our contract manufacturers as well as with our customers to promote environmental protection, and health and safety in the workspace. We take social responsibility, also for future generations.


Innovation und development

In addition to the quality of our products and offered services, innovations and new product developments are the foundation of our success. Each innovation by Promecon serves the sole purpose of measurably improving health and advancing scientific knowledge while identifying and minimising risks at the same time. The safety and effectiveness of our products are our highest priority. Promecon's innovations are a contribution to the healing process and to the improvement of quality of life.


Diversity and integration

Fairness and respect for employees, business partners and consumers, regardless of gender, origin, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity, affects us all and is both an opportunity and a challenge.We value the recognition, appreciation, and involvement of diversity in the workforce and in all external relationship of the company significantly, and they belong to part of our self-identity.

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