What are infusion pumps?

Application and types of infusion pumps

Infusion pumps are particularly used for the intravenous administration of medication. Depending on the field of application, infusion therapy and infusion pump, administration can be continuous drug delivery, on demand or a combination of continuous drug delivery and additional doses by the patient himself (patient-controlled analgesia, PCA). The infusion is delivered to the patient via a catheter. Infusion pumps can be used for short, medium or long-term infusions. The following pump types and systems are usually used: gravity system pumps, syringe pumps, mobile, electronic infusion pumps or elastomeric pumps.

What are elastomeric pumps?

Elastomeric infusion pumps are disposable pumps. Unlike electronic infusion pumps, they work mechanically and independently of electricity or other energy sources. The features vary depending on the model. Fixed or adjustable flow rate, bolus function, reservoir size or microfluidic chip technology - especially for the administration of cytostatics - are examples of features of CareVis elastomeric pumps. The selection of the pump can thus be excellently matched to the field of application or the respective infusion therapy.


Applications of infusion pumps

Elastomeric pumps are particularly suitable for the following applications: Oncology, postoperative pain therapy, both systemic or regional anaesthesia, such as continuous plexus anaesthesia, epidural anaesthesia (also called peridural anaesthesia) or wound infiltration anaesthesia. CareVis elastomeric pumps meet the specific requirements of numerous applications and infusion therapies. Depending on the application, different pump models are used (link or jump to pump models). CareVis with predefined basal flow is suitable, for example, for continuous infusions, intravenous, subcutaneous, epidural, into the tissue for nerve blocks as well as for wound infiltration. Additional features such as bolus function, adjustable flow rate or microfluidic chip technology extend the range of applications of CareVis elastomeric pumps.


How do elastomeric pumps work?

Elastomeric infusion pumps, unlike electronic infusion pumps, work mechanically and independently of electricity or other energy sources. They are single used and offer great reliability and safety for the patient due to their physical properties.

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Advantages of elastomeric infusion pumps

Elastomeric pumps offer significant advantages in continuous drug delivery and are a safe alternative to electric pump systems. Probably one of the most significant benefits is early mobility of patients, as the pumps are small, handy and portable.

The advantages at a glance

  • Enable early mobilisation
  • wide range of applications
  • do not have to be changed during treatment
  • high flow-rate accuracy
  • air and particle filter as well as kink-resistant infusion line ensure maximum safety
  • enables outpatient treatment and early discharge
  • simple to prepare and use, operates without power source
  • maintenance-free and not sensitive to faults
  • immediately available
  • no financial risk and demonstrably more cost-effective
  • comfortable and discreet for the patient
  • latex- and DEHP-free
  • offer hygienic advantages

We are convinced of the positive properties of elastomer pumps. Let us convince you too.

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Promecon's product range includes high-quality and at the same time economical disposable products. As a modern service company in the healthcare sector, we offer our customers comprehensive and service-oriented quality management and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2016. CareVis elastomeric pumps are manufactured in accordance with European guidelines.


Product range of CareVis

We offer a very wide range of elastomeric infusion pumps in numerous sizes between 60 ml and 600 ml, adjustable flow limiters or bolus and with various additional functions. The range offers a wide variety of solutions that take into account specific requirements of different application areas and infusion therapies. CareVis elastomeric pumps are available with two connectors: Luer-lock as well as NaX connectors for neuraxial applications - according to ISO 80369-6 to avoid administration errors (spinal or venous) and to ensure patient safety.

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CareVis Elastomeric pumps product range

Ideal alternative to electric pump systems for various therapeutic areas and applications

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CareVis PCA

Sovereign safety for patient-controlled analgesia.

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CareVis NaX

Neuraxial pumps - infusion pumps according to ISO 80369-6.

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CareVis Bags for infusion pumps

For an easy and safe storage of elastomeric infusions pumps on the go.

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In which sizes are CareVis infusion pumps offered?

We offer a very wide range of elastomeric infusion pumps with different pump volumes between 60 ml and 600 ml.

Do CareVis infusion pumps have an inline particle filter?

All CareVis models are equipped with an inline particle filter of 1.2 μ micron, which is combined with a 0.2 micron pore size air filter. This last one forces trapped air out of the closed system. Its pore size of 0.2 micron is a barrier against bacteria from the outside.

Is CareVis also available with a neuroaxial patient connector?

All models for use in pain therapy are also available with so-called neuroaxial connectors according to ISO 80369-6.

What safety features against overdose do PCA pumps offer?

To prevent overdosing by pressing the bolus button too often, the bolus dose can only be called up after a defined time interval, called the lock-out time, has elapsed. During the lock-out time, the electronic PCA pump blocks the bolus dose from being recalled.

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The range offers a variety of solutions that take into account the specific requirements of different areas of application. CareVis elastomeric pumps are available with two connections: Luer-lock as well as NaX connectors for neuroaxial applications - in accordance with ISO 80369-6 to avoid misuse during administration (spinal or venous) and to ensure patient safety.

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