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What are sterile equipment covers?

Hygiene is of particular importance to protect against infectious diseases that can arise during stays in hospitals. The constant challenge for hospitals is to minimise the risk of infections as best as possible. Country specific infection preventions acts form the legal basis that must be observed by medical facilities. The protection serves both patients and staff.

Sterile drapes are part of the hygienic measures for medical examinations or surgeries. They enable the use of non-sterile equipment for aseptically performed diagnostic or therapeutic procedures on the human body. Properly fitted, the covers form a sterile barrier around the device. Likewise, they prevent contamination by transferring microorganisms or body fluids from the patient to the device.

Sterile equipment covers from Promecon

Sterile covers for cameras or ultrasound probes from Promecon ensure hygiene and safety in the operating theatre and protect doctors, medical staff and patients as well as the equipment. SonoGuard is a sterile cover for ultrasound probes. It consists of a strong, thin polyethylene film (LDPE) that is folded telescopically and thus simply slipped over the ultrasound probes. This protects the transducer and cables.

The OptiGuard camera cover is a sterile, disposable product made of durable, thin polyethylene, specially designed and manufactured for surgical procedures. This cover allows the camera to be quickly and easily covered in a sterile manner during laparoscopic procedures.


How are equipment covers applied?

Application of SonoGuard ultrasound covers

Sterile ultrasound covers are slipped over the ultrasound device. The material provides optimal visibility while protecting both the device and the patient. A gel must be applied to the transducer and the cover must be fixed with rubber bands or adhesive strips before the ultrasound covers are slipped over.









Application of OptiGuard camera covers

OptiGuard Pro and OptiGuard ArthrO are closed camera covers with an optomechanical coupler that is permanently attached to the proximal end of the cover, allowing the endoscope to be connected to the outside of the cover while the camera and its cable are inside the cover. The coupler ensures the required mechanical connection between the endoscope and the camera and is designed for multiple disconnection and reconnection of the endoscope. The optical element integrated into the coupler maintains the barrier between the inner and outer environment of the cover in all conditions, while providing the required optical image transmission between the endoscope and the camera. The OptiGuard ArthrO closed camera cover is additionally equipped with a sealing element between the connected endoscope and the coupler, which prevents moistening of the optical components during irrigation.


OptiGuard Access is our/a simple, economical camera cover, consists of a sterile LDPE film with cardboard insertion aid for the camera head. It is telescopically folded and slipped over the camera as a sterile barrier.



Areas of application for sterile equipment covers

Sterile equipment covers are used in almost all surgeries or medical examinations. This helps to prevent contamination of wounds, equipment or doctors and medical staff with germs.

Specific applications of SonoGuard camera covers:

SonoGuard sterile covers for ultrasound equipment are suitable for ultrasound-guided procedures, for example in anaesthesia, intensive care, internal medicine and all surgical disciplines

Special areas of application for SonoGuard ultrasound covers:

  • Regional anaesthesia (e.g. plexus anaesthesia)
  • Placement of venous and arterial catheters (e.g. central venous catheter)
  • Interventional punctures (e.g. targeted organ punctures)
  • Hand surgery (e.g. for carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Intraoperative sonography

Specific applications of OptiGuard camera covers:

OptiGuard camera covers are sterile, disposable covers made of tear-resistant, thin polyethylene (LDPE) film to cover the camera and cable. When used correctly, the camera cover forms a sterile field around the video system during surgical laparoscopic, arthroscopic or similar transcutaneous or transurethral procedures.

Special areas of application for OptiGuard camera covers:

For endoscopic procedures with gas insufflation (e.g. laparoscopy). OptiGuard Pro and ArthrO for procedures where scope changes are needed OptiGuard ArthrO has been developed with a special seal for arthroscopy with irrigation. This camera cover is also ideal for other endoscopic procedures with irrigation, e.g. ureterorenoscopy.


Advantages of sterile device covers

Sterile equipment covers protect patients, medical staff and medical equipment. In particular, the protection against germs should be emphasised here.

SonoGuard sterile ultrasound cover – constant transmission, optimal visibility

SonoGuard is a sterile cover for ultrasound probes made of strong, thin polyethylene film (LDPE), which is folded telescopically and thus simply slipped over the ultrasound probes. This protects the transducer and cable. 

The advantages of SonoGuard at a glance:

  • ensures sterility during ultrasound guided procedures
  • easy handling thanks to telescopic folding
  • sterile working without artefacts
  • Ultrasound probe cover made of LDPE-film | latex- and phthalate-free
  • chemically resistant to common disinfectants

OptiGuard sterile camera covers – optimal image transmission

All Promecon camera covers provide a sterile, protective cover around non-sterile cameras. The two premium models, OptiGuard Pro and OptiGuard ArthrO are camera covers with an optical-mechanical coupler. The stable coupler, the connecting piece between the camera and the ocular, can be opened and closed quickly, allowing the scopes to be changed during the procedure, while the sterile barrier remains. The snap lock of the adapter also ensures very high coupling rigidity and is of advantage when high resolution cameras are used. The snap lock of the adapter also ensures very high coupling rigidity. Thanks to the coupler, the camera cover can be quickly removed after surgical use. A lens is integrated in the coupler, which means that the sterile barrier is maintained even when the objective is changed. The ultra-thin PMMA plastic lens in precision injection technology ensures unrestricted light transmission and minimal optical distortion. It guarantees optimised image transmission and is also suitable for high-resolution camera systems. 

The fluid barrier of the OptiGuard ArthrO is unique. It prevents wound or other fluids from flowing onto the lens. The video image is optimally transmitted even during continuous use of irrigation. The lens remains free of irrigation fluids.

The advantages of OptiGuard Pro and ArthrO at a glance:

  • snap joint for quick changes of scopes
  • unrestricted light transmission 
  • reduced image distance between camera and endoscope 
  • very high image stability due to high coupling stiffness
  • open insertion channel for the ocular 
  • redundant connection of the endoscope 
  • very high image stability (special benefit for arthroscopy) 
  • with optics exchange also for high-resolution camera systems
  • tear-resistant and antistatic soft PE film

Unique advantages of OptiGuard ArthrO at a glance:

  • liquid barrier between scope lens and adapter
  • therefore particularly suitable for arthroscopy as well as urology

The advantages of OptiGuard Access at a glance:

  • economical version
  • no impact on the image transmission
  • with cardboard insertion assistance for easy application
  • telescopically folded tear away opening to connect the endoscope
  • tear resistant and antistatic soft polyethylene film
  • latex free



Promecon's product range includes high-quality and at the same time economical disposable products. As a modern service company in the healthcare sector, we offer our customers comprehensive and service-oriented quality management and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2016. CareVis elastomeric pumps are manufactured in accordance with European guidelines.


Product range of equipment covers

Sterile covers for cameras or ultrasound devices from Promecon are available in various versions. Innovative products such as OptiGuard ArthrO, whose liquid barrier prevents liquids from flowing onto the lens of the camera, and SonoGuard Plus with ClearView adhesive sound conducting surface are complemented by economical variants.

Further information on our product range of equipment covers:




SonoGuard sterile ultrasound probe covers

For ultrasound-guided procedures in numerous medical applications.

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OptiGuard sterile camera covers

For endoscopic and arthroscopic procedures. 

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