NaX - Our brand for the new safety standard for neuraxial applications according to ISO 80369-6. Available for our wide-range portfolio of elastomeric infusion pumps for regional anaesthesia.

The ISO 80369-6 standard defines patient connectors specially designed for neuraxial applications that differ from classical Luer connections and are incompatible with them.

Neuraxial connectors are intended to prevent incorrect injections and false infusions with intravenous drugs into neuraxial and other tissues by confusing them in the everyday clinical practice.


elastomeric-pumps neuroaxial connector wrong

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The properties of the NaX neuraxial connectors at a glance:

  • The NaX connectors minimize the risk of mis-infusions
  • The reduced diameter of the NaX connectors is incompatible with the Luer connectors
  • The yellow colour coding enables quick and easy identification of products for the regional anaesthesia and wound infiltration anaesthesia


Neuraxial connectors in detail:

According to ISO 80369-6, neuraxial procedures are those in the immediate proximity to the spinal cord, i.e. epidural and intraspinal applications of anaesthetics / analgesics. However, they also include peripheral nerve blocks, mostly plexus blocks in regional anaesthesia. In addition, wound infiltration anaesthesia for analgesia in surgical wounds is also an application with neuraxial connections according to ISO 80369-6. Even if this is not located close to the spinal cord. 

Some manufacturers offer products with neuraxial patient connector under the name NRFit®, which has led to the widespread use of the term NRFit® as a synonym for products according to ISO 80369-6. (NRFit® is a registered trade name of GEDSA2.)

PROMECON products that comply with the ISO 80369-6 standard are branded NaX.

The CareVis NaX infusion pumps, developed according to ISO 28620: 2020, are equipped with a neuraxial patient connector (NaX-Lock) and are particularly suitable for use in regional anaesthesia and wound infiltration anaesthesia.

For clear identification and to avoid confusion, the infusion line and the bacteria-proof venting cap of the CareVis NaX elastomeric infusion pumps have a colour coding in yellow


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