Metzenbaum Scissors

Laparoscopic single-use dissecting scissors

  • Ergonomic handle with high tactile feedback for precise placement of cuts
  • Scissors rotatable 360 degrees and blades movable with both blades for optimal dissection
  • Sharp scissors guaranteed for every use
  • Electrical insolation all the way to the active blade
  • European quality product



Precision scissors* for long surgery without instrument changes and tiring.
Two models for mainly vertical or mainly horizontal work.
Optimal transfer of the scissor movement tactilely to the hand of the operator without any slack in the movement of the handles.
No assembly required, easy disposal and no additional re-sterilisation cost.


Order codes

TypeWorking lengthDiameter Cutting  lengthSU Order code
Radial HF connector 330 mm 5 mm 17 mm 25 VEC - IC5 330
Axial HF connector 330 mm 5 mm 17 mm 25 VEC - IK5 330
Radial HF connector 330 mm 5 mm 12 mm 25 VEC - T5 330
Radial HF connector 470 mm 5 mm 17 mm 5 VEC - C5 470-V
Radial HF connector 250 mm 5 mm 17 mm 5 VEC - C5 250-V
Single-use monopolar cable 2,5 m - - 25 VEC - CAB 3000

HF connector compatible with all common HF-devices


*: The blades are set manually with a micrometer screw at its connection point in the same way as reusable scissors.

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