Best conductivity due to gold coating

Fasszangen Beschichtung


The working ends of the instruments are gold-plated to achieve excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. Coagulation is achieved homogeneously over the entire grasping area. The particularly rapid removal of heat along with the low-adhesion qualities of gold surfaces lead to a significantly reduced adhesion of tissue and scabbing.#


Forceps and Dissectors

Single-use laparoscopic grasping tools

  • Gold-plated forceps for optimal coagulation and low tissue adhesion
  • Forceps fitted with a micrometer screw, not riveted, allow long working hours
  • Special ribbing for high adhesion of the atraumatic forceps
  • Double action forceps, rotatable 360°
  • Ergonomic handle with immediate transmission of movement of the forceps

Order codes

ArticleBranchesWorking lengthLocking mechanismHF ConnectionOrder code

Dissecting / grasping forceps

20 mm 330 mm no yes VEC-MD5 330-V
20 mm 470 mm no yes VEC-MDS5 470-V

Grasping forceps ENDOCLINCH*

22 mm 330 mm no no VEC-ECS5 330-V
22 mm 470 mm no no VEC-ECS5 470-V

Clawed grasping forceps
2 x 6 teeth

18 mm 330 mm no yes VEC-G5 330-V

Atraumatic grasping forceps*

18 mm 330 mm yes yes VEC-A5 330-V

Dissecting and grasping forceps* fenestrated

18 mm 330 mm yes yes VEC-F5 330-V
18 mm 330 mm yes no VEC-FS5 330-V

Single-use monopolar cable
(SU: 25 pcs.)

- 2,5 m   - VEC-CAB3000

*: Atraumatic
All forceps are double action, tube diameter: 5 mm, SU: 5 pcs.


#: Mikami T et al.: Performance of bipolar forceps during coagulation and its dependence on the tip material: a quantitative experimental assay. Technical note. J Neurosurg. 2004 Jan;100(1): 133-8

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