Precision and Safety

As the world‘s largest manufacturer of battery cauteries Bovie® offers the right instrument for each procedure. Thanks to the patented Aaron RAMTM technology, Bovie‘s battery cauteries reach their top temperature twice as fast as comparable products.

With Bovie‘s high temperature cauteries bleedings can be controlled accurately. Thanks to different lengths and widths of the electrode, there is a broad application range: from subungual haematoma to diffuse haemostasis.

Low temperature cauteries have been developed especially for the needs of ophtalmologic and ENT procedures.

Battery Cauteries


  • Fast and precise work without disturbing cable
  • Broad application range from dermatology to vascular surgery
  • Safety button for all common models
  • Single-use product - battery separable for proper disposal


Order codes high temperature cauteries

 ArticleTipTemperatureOrder code
Battery Cautery fine   1204°C BO.CT20.AA01
Battery Cautery loop   1204°C BO.CT20.AA03

Battery Cautery
extended 2" (5,08 cm) shaft

loop   1204°C BO.CT20.AA05

Battery Cautery
extended 5" (12,7 cm) shaft

loop   1204°C BO.CT20.AA09
Battery Cautery adjustable, fine   816°C-1149°C BO.CT20.AA11

extended 2" (5,08 cm) shaft

fine   1204°C BO.CT20.AA17
Battery Cautery elongated, fine   982°C BO.CT20.AA21
Battery Cautery Micro   1093°C BO.CT20.AA25
Battery Cautery loop, micro   1093°C BO.CT20.AA27
Battery Cautery loop, micro   871°C BO.CT20.AA29

SU: 10 pcs., single, sterile packaging with safety cap


Order codes low temperature cauteries for Ophthalmology/ENT

 ArticleTipTemperatureOrder code
Battery Cautery fine   704°C BO.CT10.AA00
Battery Cautery adjustable, fine   371°C-649°C BO.CT10.AA02

Battery Cautery

elongated, fine   593°C BO.CT10.AA04

Battery Cautery
Micro   454°C BO.CT10.AA90

SU: 10 pcs., single, sterile packaging with safety cap


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