ProKit - It's the combination

A secure and reliable drape cover of the patients and their surroundings can be achieved with our ProDrape fenestrated drapes, which can be used for all anesthetic procedures.
In addition, the DuraGuard pencil-point cannula guarantees a soft and easy injection into the spinal space due to its specially rounded and non-cutting edges of the lateral opening.

ProKit complete Spinalanästhesie

ProKit complete - Sets for spinal anaesthesia

Sets for spinal anesthesia

The ProKit series offers you a sterile and pre-packaged set for each procedure that contains exactly the materials that you require.

The ProKit complete set for spinal anesthesia provides all the components for the implementation of the spinal anesthesia. From the injection cannula to the high-quality DuraGuard pencil-point cannula you will find an optimally adapted set.

With the ProKit individual programme you can also put together a set, as it suits your needs. Talk to our staff for more information.


 ArticleProKit complete
Spinal Set I
ProKit complete
Spinal Set II
1 x DuraGuard with Introducer 25G x 90 mm 27G x 90 mm
1 x Injection cannula Ø 0,5 mm x 16 mm, orange (25G) x x
1 x Injection cannula Ø 0,8 mm x 40 mm, green (21G) x x
1 x Filter cannula, blunt 45°, Ø 1,20 mm x 40 mm, filter 5 m x x
1 x Injection syringe, 2,5 ml, 3-parts, Luer slip x x
1 x Injection syringe, 5 ml, 3-parts, Luer slip x x
1 x Swab clamb, blue x x
4 x Gauze balls round, eggsize (Ø 6 cm), 20 threads, 30 cm x 30 cm x x
4 x

Gauze dressing, 17 threads, 8 ply, 7,5 cm x 7,5 cm


1 x 3 tripartite bowl (PP), 195 mm x 130 mm x 30 mm x x
1 x ProDrape® Vision fenestrated drape, 75 cm x 90 cm with central
viewing window 35 cm x 35 cm, hole 10 cm with adhesive sheet,
2 ply (non woven fabric and PE)
x x
1 x ProDrape® Cover multipurpose cloth, 90 cm x 90 cm, 2 ply x x

Order code
SU 30 pcs.



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