AcXess Single-Use Metal Instruments in SUORG Quality

Under our quality seal SUORG - Single Use Operating Room Grade - we offer high quality single-use metal instruments, which survive even longer interventions without loss of quality and functionality loss. As a tool for various operational tasks, we present a wide range of instruments of the highest functionality and safety at lowest prices possible.

The complete AcXess portfolio can be found in our Product Catalogue Surgical Metal Instruments

AcXess Scissors

Surgical, dissecting, bandage scissors or spencer stich / suture scissors

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AcXess Clamps

Surgical forceps & clamps

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AcXess Forceps

Surgical forceps

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AcXess Needle Holders

Needle holders for safe holding and guiding for needles

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AcXess Sharp Spoons

Surgical spoons and double-spoons with sharpened edges

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AcXess Retractors

Retrators for spreading tissue or muscles

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