Bipolar Forceps

ActiLine Bipolar Forceps

With our own premium brand ActiLine, we offer a wide range of bipolar forceps for single-use. The forceps close softly without the tips crossing over.  In addition, the non-slip high profile corrugation ensures fatigue-free working and a secure grip, even when wearing gloves. Thus secure and precise tissue grasping and coagulation or stopping bleedings can be achieved in a broad range of applications.

Bipolar forceps are compatible with all major electrosurgery devices and adapters.
We are happy to help with the selections of the instrument plugs and the connection cables, which are suitable for your device.

We offer ActiLine EcoCeps and ActiLine EcoCeps XTreme models in the following options:

Classic - with stainless steel tip

Bipolar forceps with stainless steel tip and mirror finish, a high-gloss polish to prevent the tissue from sticking to the tip. These forceps are our standard forceps.

With Titan coating

The tip is made of a highly effective titanium non-stick coating. This ensures that no fluorinated compounds arise during hospital waste incineration, as is the case with PTFE coatings. 

With silver tip 

Bipolar forceps with silver tip conduct the heat particularly fast and effectively. In addition, the silver reinforces the non-stick effect. 

With tungsten tip 

Bipolar forceps with tungsten tip and diamond-dust finish are as insensitive as possible to high temperatures. The structure of the inner surface allows for higher grip at the tip.

Selected ActiLine EcoCeps models are also available with integrated irrigation.


ActiLine EcoCeps

Bipolar single-use forceps in premium quality

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ActiLine EcoCeps XTreme

Special model of bipolar single-use forceps, ideal for long-lasting and precise work

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