Sets for wound infiltration anesthesia

Catheter technology - at its best

„Pain-free over the entire length“

MultiPerf wound infiltration catheters have pore fine orifices that ensure equal flow throught all openings, proximally and distally. The lumen geometry of Rist catheters guarantees flow even in case of complete catheter kinking.
The compliant Helix catheter with its co-extruded steel spiral is well pushable at insertion but follows complicated wound sites. Both catheter systems are radiopaque and the Helix intensively visible in ultrasound.

  • Homogeneous flow of anaesthetic and pain medication through all openings
  • Dense spiral distribution of the fenestrations
  • Two catheter systems:
    Compliant Helix catheter with integrated stainless steel spiral
    Rist catheter with obstruction resistant lumen geometry
  • Luer lock connection with kink protection
  • Latex free, DEHP free
  • Pain prevention throughout the entire application
  • Less or no opiate need
  • All the benefits of a very early mobilisation
  • High patient acceptance and satisfaction

Order codes MultiPerf Rist catheter sets

Order codesInfusion lengthNo. of
Total length
MP.10.019.035 3.5 cm 8 53.5 cm  
MP.10.019.075 7.5 cm 18 57.5 cm
MP.10.019.125 12.5 cm 24 62.5 cm
MP.10.019.185 18.5 cm 36 68.5 cm
MP.10.019.260 26 cm 52 76.0 cm


Order codes
(with filter)
Infusion lengthNo. of
Total length
MP.10.019.035-F 3.5 cm 8 53.5 cm
MP.10.019.075-F 7.5 cm 18 57.5 cm
MP.10.019.125-F 12.5 cm 24 62.5 cm
MP.10.019.185-F 18.5 cm 36 68.5 cm
MP.10.019.260-F 26 cm 52 76.0 cm


Order codes MultiPerf Helix catheter sets

Order codeInfusion lengthNo. of
Total length
MP.11.019.064 6.4 cm 15 91,0 cm  
MP.11.019.127 12.7 cm 30 91,0 cm  
MP.11.019.254 25.4 cm 60 91,0 cm  


Order code (with filter)Infusion lengthNo. of
Total length
MP.11.019.064-F 6.4 cm 15 91.0 cm
MP.11.019.127-F 12.7 cm 30 91.0 cm
MP.11.019.254-F 25.4 cm 60 91.0 cm



Standard system sets and individual sets with elastomeric pump

Placement examples for wound catheters



Order codes MultiPerf standard system sets

With continuous Neofuser® pump

Infusion length100 ml (to 120 ml)275 ml (to 310 ml)450 ml (to 480 ml)
3.5 cm (Rist) 1 ml/h (3-5 days)
Code: MP.10.101.035

2 ml/h (1,5-2,5 days)
Code: MP.10.102.035
6.4 cm (Helix)   4 ml/h (2-3 days)
Code: MP.11.204.064
  5 ml/h (1.5-2.5 days)
Code: MP.11.205.064
 7.5 cm (Rist)    4  ml/h (2-3 days)
Code: MP.10.204.075 
   5 ml/h (1.5-2.5 days)
Code: MP.10.205.075
 12.5 cm (Rist)
12.7 cm (Helix) 
  4 ml/h (2-3 days)
Codes: MP.10.204.125
5 ml/h (3-4 days)
Codes: MP.10.405.125
  5 ml/h (1.5-2.5 days)
Codes: MP.10.205.125
8 ml/h (1.5-2.5 days)
Codes: MP.10.408.125
 18.5 cm (Rist)    5 ml/h (1.5-2.5 days)
Code: MP.10.205.185 
5 ml/h (3-4 days)
Code: MP.10.405.185
    8 ml/h (1.5-2.5 days)
Code: MP.10.408.185 
25.4 cm (Helix)        5 ml/h (3-4 days)
Code: MP.11.405.254 
    8 ml/h (1.5-2.5 days)
Code: MP.11.408.254 
     10 ml/h (1.5-2 days)
Code: MP.11.410.254
 26.0 cm (Rist)      5 ml/h (3-4 days)
Code: MP.10.405.260 
    8 ml/h (1,5-2.5 days)
Code: MP.10.408.260 
    10 ml/h (1.5-2 days)
Code: MP.10.410.260



The MultiPerf individual system sets

Combine a Neofuser pump with a MultiPerf catheter and create your individual set according to your needs. We will pack the components into one unit. There are Multirate pumps with flow rates between 1 and 7ml/h and between 2 and 14ml/h. Also other individual solutions, for example with two catheters and special pumps with two separate flow regulators, are possible, e.g. for thorax surgery. Feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to assist you.

Feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to assist you.


MultiPerf Tunneler

Reusable tunneler with single-use split sheath introducer


Easily malleable but yet durable for numerous procedures. The handle is designed to be shaped and reshaped in order to adapt to different surgery conditions. Therefore its steerability guarantees optimal and accurate placement of wound infiltration catheters.

  • Brushed stainless steel with round, atraumatic tip
  • The PTFE-sheaths glide through tissue smoothly and separate cleanly from the hub to the distal tip


Order codes Tunneler (reusable, non-sterile)

Gauge / French / LengthCode
11G / 9fr / 20.5cm TNR0SS11G08
11G / 9fr / 30cm TNR0SS11G12
15G / 5fr / 20.5cm TNR0SS15G08
15G / 5fr / 30cm TNR0SS15G12

Order codes single-use split sheath introducer (sterile, with 5 single packed sheats per box)

Gauge / French / LengthCode
11G / 9fr / 20.5cm STH1SS11G08
11G / 9fr / 30cm STH1SS11G12
15G / 5fr / 20.5cm STH1SS15G08
15G / 5fr / 30cm STH1SS15G12



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