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Elastomeric pumps - Confident Freedom

CareVis OncO with its polyisoprene elastomeric balloon is filled directly from the casing and due to to its unique Martin-precision-capillary as flow restrictor it offers a confident solution to flow problems, that arise from the tendency of 5-fluorouracil to crystallise out.
  • Particularly light-weight and handy for unrestricted mobility
  • Martin-flow-regulator - reliable for 5-Fluorouracil, no flow restrictions due to drug crystals
  • Easy readability of pump progression
  • Elastomeric balloon made of polyisoprene, easy with optimised flow progression due to central guidance TK
  • Direct filling of the ballon for optimal mixing
  • Three sizes for oncology: 100ml, 150ml and 250ml


Nominal volume 100 ml, maximum volume 130 ml

Flow rate Usual use case Maximum infusion time Order code PZN
0.5 ml/h 5-9 days 260 h C0.5M 8430964
2.0 ml/h 2 days 65 h C2M 8431024
2,5 ml/h 2 days 52 h C2,5M 8431047
4.0 ml/h 1 day 32 h C4M 8431076
5.0 ml/h 1 day 26 h C5M 8431099


Nominal volume 250 ml, maximum volume 265 ml

Flow rate Usual use case Maximum infusion time Order code PZN
1.5 ml/h 7-8 days 176 h C1.5L 8431107
2.0 ml/h 4-6 days 132 h C2L 8431030
5.0 ml/h 2 days 52 h C5L 8431107
8.0 ml/h 1.5 days 33 h C8L 8431113
10.0 ml/h 1 day 26 h C10L 8431136


Nominal volume 150 ml, maximum volume 180 ml

Upon request



Carrier bags and pouches are available as accessories.

When under-filling the pumps below 70% of their nominal volume, please pay attention to the instructions for use. The filling volume is calculated by multiplying the flow rate in ml/h and the desired flow time in h. Add 3 ml residual volume to the result.

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Technical Data Healthport CareVis OncO

Major materials

  • White casing and piston: ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene-styrene-copolymer)C
  • Clear casing, clear: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Tubing: PVC (DEHP-free [(Di(2-ethylhexyl)-phthalate)])
  • Balloon: Medical-grade Polyisoprene
  • Flow restrictor: Martin-Weit-capillaries
  • latex-free , DEHP-free

Nominal flow rate

  • It is based on the use of isotonic saline solution and is inversely proportional to the viscosity of the solution.
  • The flow speed is calibrated at a temperature of 32ºC . Therefore, it is recommended to attach the flow regulator the patient's skin. During cold weather the pump should, therefore, be carried close to the body and be protected.
  • The accuracy of the flow rate is on average ± 10% of the nominal flow rate.
  • The flow speed was calibrated with the pump and the flow regulator at the same height. When positioning the balloon higher than the flow regulator the flow speed will increase and correspondingly decrease when positioning the balloon lower than the flow regulator. When connected the pump should be carried at body level.


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