Reusable electrodes, non-sterile

All reusable electrodes use the standard 2.35 shaft made from stainless steel. They are non-sterile and packaged individually in a protective small box with foam padding.
The reusable electrodes can be steam autoclaved up to 25 times (loop electrodes (s.b.) up to 5 times.)


Spatula electrodes, non-sterile


ES01R Standard electrode, spatula 19.0 x 2.35 x 0.5 mm
Length 48 mm - SU 1 Pc


ES04R Electrode, long, spatula 19.0 x 2.35 x 0.5 mm
Length 130 mm - - SU 1 Pc


ES18R Angled electrode, spatula 19.0 x 2.35 x 0.5 mm
Length 42 mm - SU 1 Pc


Ball electrodes, non-sterile


ES06R Electrode, long, ball 3 mm
Length 110 mm - SU 1 Pc


ES07R Electrode, long, ball 5 mm
Length 110 mm - SU 1 Pc


A832M Electrode standard, ball 2.4 mm
Length 25 mm - SU 1 Pc


ES20R Electrode standard, ball 5 mm
Length 30 mm - SU 1 Pc


ES21R Electrode standard, ball 4 mm
Length 34 mm - SU 1 Pc


ES831 Angled electrode, ball 2.4 mm
Length 37 mm- SU 1Pc


Needle electrodes


ES02R Electrode standard, needle 19 mm
Length 50 mm - - SU 1 Pc


ES03R Electrode, long needle 19 mm
Length 130 mm - - SU 1 Pc


A833 Electrode, straight needle 24 mm
Length 55 mm - SU 1 Pc


A834 Angled epilation needle, needle 10 mm
Length 38 mm - SU 1 Pc


A834T Angled epilation needle made of tungsten, needle 10 mm
Length 38 mm - SU 1 Pc


Miscellaneous electrodes, non-sterile

A811 Blunt dermal tip electrode, non-insulated
Length (without hub) 18 mm - SU 1 Pc


A830 Laparoscopic electrodes, sharp
Length 23 mm - SU 1 Pc


A836 Laparoscopic electrode, sharp, long
Length 82 mm - SU 1 Pc


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