ActiLine® EcoGrip

Disposable electrode pencils with two buttons for monopolar electrodes


High safety for patients and users: ActiLine® Ecogrip is manufactured to safety designs, made of high quality material and with high precision levels. With its sophisticated technology and optimal functionality it meets strictest European and international safety requirements. The laterally closed protection ring at the top of the pencil is the outward expression of the sophisticated approach geared towards safety and optimal functionality.

  • Work without tiring (slim form, ergonomic position of buttons, non-slip surface on the back)
  • Distinct tactile and audible clicking of the CUT and COAG buttons with defined pressure point
  • Rotation-free work with 2.35mm standard electrodes with or without anti-rotation hex lock
  • Compatible with all common HF-surgery equipment
  • Fulfils highest European and international safety standards



Sterile packaging for single use
Electrode: ActiLine® Single-use spatula electrode with injection-moulded pencil and anti-rotation hex lock
Suitable for monopolar electrodes with 2.4mm shaft with or without anti-rotation hex lock
Cable length: 3 m or 5 m
Connection: International, three-pronged standard connector (adapters for other systems available)
Maximum operating voltage: 5.0kVp (10kVp-p)
Norms (i.a.): IEC60601-1-1:2005+A1:2012 and IEC60601-2-2:2009
Packaging unit: 10 pieces, Sales Unit (SU): 10 x 10 pieces


Order codes

Code Electrode Cable length SU
HF.10.300.100 ActiLine® Spatula electrode 19.0 x 2.35 x 0.5 mm 3 m 10 x 10 pieces
HF.10.500.100 ActiLine® Spatula electrode 19.0 x 2.35 x 0.5 mm 5 m 10 x 10 pieces

Upon request ActiLine® EcoGrip can also be fitted with a ball or needle electrode or be delivered without electrode


Order Codes: Reusable electrode extensions

Article Length Code
Electrode extension with spring bush, 2.35/ 2.35 mm 140 mm HF.99.024.140
Electrode extension with spring bush, 2.35/ 2.35 mm 90 mm HF.99.024.090
Electrode extension with spring bush, 2.35/ 2.35 mm 70 mm HF.99.024.070

Single unsterile packaging, SU: 1 pc.


ProKit® Complete - Range

In the ProKit® Complete -range Promecon manufactures sterile surgery sets according to customer specifications that contain the corresponding HF components.

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