Promecon Guidelines

Apart from products such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices people suffering from illness also require a lot of human, medical, social, legal, and financial support . Promecon's contribution to the healing process and the improvement of quality of life is the development, production, and distribution of high-quality and ethical medical devices and the imparting of knowledge how such products can be used to improve health. Thereby, our products are only a small part of what people going through illness need, but a valuable contribution to the solution.

Promecon develops, manufactures, and sells high quality medical devices for the people that rely on them. Promecon is committed to these people and to the improvement of their health. Promecon is active in various important therapeutic areas, among others:

  • Surgery
  • Pain Therapy
  • Regional Anaesthesia
  • Oncology

Our medical devices are developed with great effort and manufactured to the highest quality and safety requirements. Promecon works hard so that these devices are available to doctors for medical therapy and so that patients can benefit from them - Advancing Health.

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The contribution to the healing process depends on the targeted use of medical devices and their proper operation by health care professionals and patients. That's why Promecon places high value on the professional dialogue with health care professionals, patients, and their relatives, as well as pharmacists, procurement staff, and other involved parties in the health care sector so that they all can profit from the benefits of high-quality medical devices.

For this dialogue Promecon has imposed a Code of Conduct that is binding for all employees and that takes into account the multitudes of established and generally recognised guidelines.

We listen if you have suggestions or requests. We create innovations through knowledge exchange during the professional dialogue with users.


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