CareAline® protecting sleeve

Sleve bandage for PICC-Catheters and other peripheraly fixed catheters
in sizes for babies up to sizes for adipose adults

Pockets keep catheter caps and extensions safe and out of harms while not in use. The privacy cover gives you the added benefit of privacy and will help keep lines stable and secure while in use. They are designed to minimizing the risk of infection, damage and discomfort.


Optimised catheter management- Less extraneous tape or skin irritation

  • Comfortable and soft to wear
  • Improves significantly quality of life for patients
  • Privacy cover keeps lines stable during treatment
  • Quick and easy line access
  • Keep lines safely out of way
  • Reduces pulling, catching & accidental pullouts
  • Potentially reduces the risk of infection
  • Keep lines and caps off your skin
  • Protect lines and caps
  • Washable and durable
  • In five colours available



Size 1S
10-15 cm
(4-6 inches)
Purple 1SP
Yellow 1SY
Green 1SG
Black 1SBLK
Pink 1SPI
Size 2S
small patient)
15-20 cm
(6-8 inches)
Purple 2SP
Yellow 2SY
Green 2SG
Black 2SBLK
Pink 2SPI
Size 3S
small patient)
20-25 cm
(8-10 inches)
Purple 3SP
Yellow 3SY
Green 3SG
Black 3SBLK
Pink 3SPI
Size 4S
23-28 cm
(9-11 inches)
Purple 4SP
Yellow 4SY
Green 4SG
Black 4SBLK
Pink 4SPI
Size 5S
28-33 cm
(11-13 inches)
Purple 5SP
Yellow 5SY
Green 5SG
Black 5SBLK
Pink 5SPI
Size 6S
28-33 cm
(11-13 inches)
Purple 6SP
Yellow 6SY
Green 6SG
Black 6SBLK
Pink 6SPI
Size 7S
(very large
38-43 cm
(15-17 inches)
Purple 7SP
Yellow 71SY
Green 7SG
Black 7SBLK
Pink 7SPI

If possible, measure body area of application before ordering.
CareAline products do NOT replace the sterile bandage.
Latex-free, single packaging.

CareAline is exclusively manufactured by CareAline Products, USA


Kreuslerstraße 10 | 20095 Hamburg

Tel. : +49 40 3690 1690
Fax : +49 40 3690 1699

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