CareAline® protecting body wrap

For central venous catheters, feeding tubes and other supply lines

The tubular CareAline® body wrap has been primarily designed for newborns, toddlers and children, but there are also adult sizes. It is keeping lines off patient's skin. Caps are safely tucked away while not in use, keeping lines away from younger's fingers and protected from external elements.
You can use the wrap as a line management system for multiple applications such as central lines, G / G-J tubes, PEG tubes and various other catheters (as seen above).

Velcro® secures the CareAline® Wrap keeping it comfortable
and adjustable.

Optimised catheter management- Less extraneous tape or skin irritation

  • Comfortable and soft to wear
  • Improves significantly catheter management with young patients
  • Keeps lines stable during treatment
  • Quick and easy line access
  • Keeps lines safely out of way when not used
  • Reduces pulling, catching & accidental pullouts
  • Potentially reduces the risk of infection
  • Protects and keeps lines and caps off the skin
  • Easy to turn for back, side or belly sleeper
  • Washable and durable
  • In three colours available



Size 1W
40-53 cm
(16-21 inches)
Pink 1WPI
Yellow 1WY
Green 1WG
Size 2W
small patient)
51-64 cm
(20-25 inches)
Pink 2WPI
Yellow 2WY
Green 2WG
Size 3W
small patient)
61-76 cm
(24-30 inches)
Pink 3WPI
Yellow 3WY
Green 4WG
Size 4W
74-89 cm
(29-35 inches)
Pink 4WPI
Yellow 4WY
Green 4WG
Size 5W
86-102 cm
(34-40 inches)
Pink 5WPI
Yellow 5WY
Green 5WG
Size 6W
(large adult)
99-114 cm
(39-45 inches)
Pink 6WPI
Yellow 6WY
Green 6WG
Size 7W
(very large
112-127 cm
(44-50 inches)
Pink 7WPI
Yellow 7WY
Green 7WG

If possible, measure body area of application before ordering.
CareAline products do NOT replace the sterile bandage.
Latex-free, single packaging.

CareAline is exclusively manufactured by CareAline Products, USA



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Fax : +49 40 3690 1699

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