Injection of contrast media

During CT scan or MRI procedures



  • Always ensure that the POLYSITE pressure injector® implantable port reference is listed in table hereafter before using a high pressure injector
  • Use an angled Huber needle (without tubing) or a Huber needle with tubing validated for high pressure injection.
  • Select the appropriate Huber needle gauge to the viscosity of the contrast medium used, and to the implantable port reference following the recommendations in table (hereafter).
  • Set the maximum injector pressure to 22.4 bars or 325 psi in order to guarantee the reliability of the system.
  • Only use 19G or 20G needles for POLYSITE® Standard (series 4000) and Mini (series 3000) and 20 G or 22G for POLYSITE® Micro (series 2000), in accordance with table hereafter.
  • Do not inject more than 3 ml/s when using a 22G Huber needle.
  • Always ensure that the injection circuit is fully operational (Huber needle and implantableport) by obtaining reflux of blood and injecting 10-20 ml of normal saline withour difficulty.
  • Warm the contrast medium to 37 °C (100 °F) before use (1) .
  • Always ensure that the catheter is equal or less than 25 cm long (do not administer this type of injection with a femoral catheter) (2).
  • Never exceed the maximum recommended flow rate for a given port.
  • Never inject contrast media with a viscosity greater than that shown in table hereafter.
  • Rinse the implantable port with 10 to 20 ml of 0.9% NaCl before and after use followed by usual rinsing procedures.

Not following these recommendations may lead to failure of the system through excess pressure or obstruction.

(1) Do not respect this recommendation will lead to a 50% reduction of flow rate and cause failure of port or injection device
(2) Flow rates may be significantly reduced if a longer catheter is used.

Source: test report - CE file, march 2010 (Implantable ports technical file on POLYSITE 2000, 3000 & 4000 (DT002), part VI / Evaluation of the conception of POLYSITE 2000, 3000 & 4000 series, § 14 / Qualification of our implantable ports POLYSITE for injection of contrast media (page 18).

Version September 2010. RRD-0049-01 rev 0: Simulation of contrast media injection on POLYSITE® ports report – p. 10-11 (§XI. Test resume)).


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